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Thread: Kodiak - July fishing prospects

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    Default Kodiak - July fishing prospects

    Never been to Kodiak but I will be down July 6-8 and 20-22 to slack off and go fishing.

    Looking for a few ideas for some kickass fishing.

    Road system access?

    Fly out options?

    I'm geared up for all occasions and set for 5-9wt fly fishin.
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    Reds and flying elbows at Pasagshak, kings in the Olds, American and Monashka (all likely to the tune of flying elbows, as well), and pinks should be showing in good numbers along the beaches and around the river mouths (especially on your second visit), usually on the incoming tide. Lotta sea run Dollies in the same places, too. You'll be busy. Your early trip is usually a decent time for Karluk kings, but who knows if they'll open it this year. A little late for the Ayakulik, but same question mark.

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    Don't overlook the road-accessible lakes. There are some heavy 'bows lurking.
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