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Thread: MSGDA 1st NAHRA Hunt test of the year May 19th and 20th

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    Default MSGDA 1st NAHRA Hunt test of the year May 19th and 20th

    MSGDA will be holding the 1st hunt test of the season on the 19th and 20th Click on the link below for the test premium. Be sure to get your entries in as early as possible it helps for our planning for birds and BBQ. We look forward to seeing many of you there.

    Thanks to all who particpated in our picnic test last Saturday. It was a great turnout and alot of fun for all involved!!

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    Plan to see you there. I am not sure if she is ready to run .... I am but not sure what to do. She would be in the started portion. I want to run her but we will see guess it depends on how the weeks training goes.

    either way good experience for her and I

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    since this will be my first hunt test or at least this year will be.. i have a few questions about the Started Retriever section. i have read the rules and I think i understand them. The way I understand it is for my little 7 month old to start gaining points towards a SR title she has to:

    Gain 10 points
    2.5 points per qualifying test for a total of 4 test

    In order to get the 2.5 points she must show

    Retrieve generally to hand or the close vicinity
    Sit until released or if she does break be able to be called back to be released
    Retrieve 5x birds
    2x on land
    2x on Water
    1x either water or land

    The retrieves will be no more than 75 yards on land and no more than 50 yards on water

    If this is all correct then the question I have is this

    Will the water retrieves be 50 yards of swimming or running to the water for some distance then entering the water?
    If running to water then how long in general is the swimming piece?

    Not sure she is ready but want to make sure I am training correct. i am going to attempt to be at the test but may not make it and want to make sure my training program is getting her ready.

    Thanks and hope to see you there

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    Most of what you stated is correct however, you may use a lead to steady the dog at the line in the started level. We will show you how to do this if you are not familiar. The water retrieves are determined by the individual judges there is no set formula. Each test will be different and based on a hunting scenario. That being said I can tell you that the judges will take into consideration the water temperature and overall conditions of the test grounds when setting up a test. You will probably not see long swims this weekend as we know it is early and the water is cold. It may be running or shallow water for the water series. Hope this anwsers your questions feel free to ask any others as I'm sure others are wondering as well.


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