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Thread: Charter on Kasilof July 14?

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    Default Charter on Kasilof July 14?

    What is the fishing like for kings in the kasilof at this time? I was thinking of doing a charter then with my wife for our one year anniversary. Any other suggestions. We are doing the kenai for kings the following weekend. Thanks

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    not a bad idea - as long as you get a good guide that is experienced in fishing it during july on a regular basis. it's a completely different animal in july than it is in june. it's a much larger river, very few other boats, kings aren't huge on average but bigger than the first run for sure.
    in my opinion it's only worthwhile during july if you enjoy the solitude and quiet nature of a driftboat because that's a pretty hot time on the kenai where you have a shot at a beast! but of course you would have to deal with crowds and boat noise... so it's give and take.
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    Default July on the Kasilof

    That can be a tough time to fish the Kasilof. Last year, July was pretty dead for pole fishing because the netters were in the mouth most of the month. Pretty much shut down any success on the river upstream.


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    That's the only river I've fished in Alaska. Always right at that time. As others have said, it can be good or bad, depending on:

    a) If they are netting for reds at the mouth or inlet. If they are, fishing goes from good, to very not so good.

    b) Hire a *good* guide for the Kasilof. I think it's OK for me to say this, as I think he's a sponsor, but Bob Ball is as good as it get's on that river. Unfortunately, Bob is usually booked well in to a year, if not two in advance. Hard to get dates in the last 2 weeks of July on that river. Sorry.

    c) If you got at it alone, you need to know where the channels and fish troughs are, and you need to know the tides, and how they will effect your fishing on the river for that day.

    I've been on that river about a dozen times (various years) and every time it's a little bit different, depending on the tides, netting schedule, etc. The guys on it all the time are the ones who can get you a shot at a fish or two.

    I can't count how many times I've seen the inexperienced angler and guide literally fish for nothing in 6" of water on that river because they didn't know where to be and why.


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