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Thread: Any info on Port Graham

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    I am looking for information about Port Graham. I have scoured the internet and the forums here and can't find much useful information. I'm pretty sure the state ferry stops in, so they must have some kind of a boat dock. Anyone know if they have a small boat harbor open to the public? I just like to know about alternate options if the weather ever turns on me and I have to duck in somewhere.
    Also, any info on safe spots to duck into within Kachemak Bay would be welcome on this thread too. Obviously, one can look at a marine chart and see the geographic and nautical features, but any other info you have found by being there would be appreciated. I am sure there are places that look safe on a chart, but are anything but due to tidal action, etc.

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    The state ferry does not go to Port Graham. It is a rather isolated Native community. There are flights that go in there for supplies and such. Seldovia is a safe harbor to hide out in with all the ammenities. Port Chatham to the south of Port Graham offers shelter. Pick up a copy of NOAA's Coast Pilot 9 (it's about $30) and there are descriptions for every little navigable waterway in South Central to the Aleutians and up the Beaufort Sea. Good luck, safe travels.

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    Thanks for the reference Waldo2382. I looked and it is actually published online and has a wealth of valuable information.
    Here is a link if anyone is interested.

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    Not to "hijack" here, but it's great to see the Coast Pilot being referenced here. When I was taking the course for my Coast Guard license my instructors couldn't stress how important the Coast Pilot can be for getting information on where you'll be boating. It can be an invaluable reference for sure and includes so much more than what the NOAA chart tells you. And that you can just download a PDF of it, and especially only the chapter that applies, is fantastic. No need to spend the $30 the whole book will cost you.
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    I know that my dad help build the dock at Port Graham in 1961.... I'm guessing that dock has been replaced by now. I know he used to talk about all the black bears on the hills around there and that the fishing was great.

    Agree on the Coast Pilot. When I used to fish, that is the bible to have with you.
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