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Thread: Cabela's Alaknak II

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    Default Cabela's Alaknak II

    Thinking of ordering this tent for ATV and boat camping/hunting/fishing trips. Anyone have experience with them and the little outfitter stove you can gett for 'em. From the reviews on Cabela's website, it seems like folks like 'em, but the stove/tent combo doesn't stay warm the whole night. I figure that's pretty much a stove issue...don't know of too many stoves that size that'll stay warm for 8 hours or more.

    Just looking for recommendations on the tent from those with personal experience. I want a wall-type tent that will stand up to wind/rain/snow, but not as heavy or expensive as the canvas outfitter tents.

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    I have the 12x12 and the medium size stove. a fire lasting all night is a dream at best. if you get 4 hours you are doing pretty good. the stove heats the tent up in just a few minutes so if you are the second guy up you are warm. I find myself stoking the fire pretty often but I like it as warm as wood will allow.

    I have no quality issues to speak of. good stuff. if you are hauling it you will need a trailer or multiple trips via 4 is heavy and bulky.

    ps get the roof panel money. I bought it, my pard did not.....he has hole in the roof, I do not.

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    I have the first version. It's a 12.5X12.5 version. I have the same problem with a wood stove as Highcountry does. Of course it could be the stove and not the tent.

    The II version I believe is the better version because of the changes they made in the entrance way. And yes I second getting the roof protector.


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