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Thread: Bay Kit Extensions

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    Default Bay Kit Extensions

    A post earlier has got me second guessing picking up a Bay kit and prop leg for my OB.
    Can you run the prop leg effectively with JUST the 5" Bay kit extenions, or do you need to lower the motor as well?
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    I think you will have to drop the motor 2 holes as well. I just bought a AK II with both lower units & bay kit and the previous owner said that's what he had to do. I called Wooldridge and talked to? not Glen or Grant- and he said he was able to run the prop lower unit with bay kit in the same location as the jet- but he could only do it with a 4 blade stainless? I just installed a CMC 5" lift on mine yesterday to make mine work. I think I'm going to have to play with it to get the setting just right, I've got the lift mounted as high as it will go but lowered all the way, and the motor 2nd hole from the bottom. Seems like the prop might be a little high? I guess I''l have to run it and see. If anyone has detailed pics of their similar setup I's sure like to see them. Sorry not trying to hijack- but I think you might be looking at a lift to do what you want to do so figured it's all related.


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