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Thread: Whittier Spring "Winter" Hunt

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    Default Whittier Spring "Winter" Hunt

    Its pretty simple, Whittier is still in winter times. Just came back from a trip and the girls said it best, it felt like we were going out for deer season. Rained Friday then on Saturday is snowed and snowed hard. White out conditions and not a single sign of black bear what so ever. Only life seen was a pourcupine and the shrimp that was caught. Still fun to be out with friends but no sign of bear yet and probably not for a while since PWS in still under couple feet of snow still.
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    Sounds like last weekend...
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    Yeah, we were out this whole past week and came back on wed. to beat that storm. Saw two black bears, Took one, and had crosshairs on the other but it just didnt work out. out of the six days we were out there, only one day was good for hunting. other than that it was drink, and fix tarps and tents due to the wind. good luck out there.


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