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    I am moving to Kodiak this summer. I know that there is little riding to be done on the island. Would bringing my razr with me be worth the hassle? Can more stream access be obtained through the use of an atv? I also have 2 snowmobiles that I could bring instead. Any input would be appreciated!! Thank you!!

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    Chief, I would not hesitate to bring the Razr up there, although it has been a few years since I have been on Kodiak, there use to be plenty of trails that you will have fun on- Saltry and Chiniak Come to mind first. You may be able to reach a few accesses a little easier with an ATV, but I have run all over the Island on both, best to have one of each to be on the safe side . I do remember a few people with sleds, they would bring them up to the Ski Chalet, but not much beyond that, probably not worth the HHG weight. Good luck!

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    Dunno who is telling you there is 'a little' riding!! There is a whole bunch and some great areas only accessible by ATV/UTV. Many of the trails have been bridged and geo-blocked to save the damage and create some awesome access for ATVs. Also means you can get off the road system to fill those deer tags.Same with sleds; snowfall has been quite heavy the last couple of years and I have seen a noticeable increase in the number of sleds/machines on the island. There are many trails for sleds.


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