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Thread: Day Hike for Tomorrow Near ANC

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    Default Day Hike for Tomorrow Near ANC

    My girlfriend and I are looking for a hike for tomorrow. Nothing too extreme, but I'd prefer something with some great views. It needs to be somewhere near Anchorage, too. We hiked up Flattop last weekend and there was still quite a bit of snow up there, but nothing that made the hike too dangerous. Made it more fun sliding back down though, so I was wondering what other trail conditions would be like since I assume the snow won't be as packed down as it is on Flattop trail. I was considering Big O'Malley, or Hidden Valley/Lake. Thanks!

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    Rainbow and Bird Ridge are good ones, should have very little snow. Hopefully the weather is better tomorrow than today, was snowing up at flat top.

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    If you don't need too much vertical, you could check out the Turnagain Arm trail that runs parallel (above) the Seward Highway from the south end of Potter Marsh to Rainbow. It's about 8 miles one-way and has some great views along the way. It's the parking lot just south of the end of Potter Marsh on the mountain side of the road. Should be snow-free, but might still have some mud in places but shouldn't be too bad.


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