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Thread: Dalton Highway Hunt Aug 5th-17

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    Default Dalton Highway Hunt Aug 5th-17

    I am new to the forum and even newer to a hunting trip this August, with roughly 6-12 other guys. Ive been up the haul road before but never hunted caribou or hiked the 5 miles. I've been planning/training this hunt and researching for several months now but still have some unaswered questions and or concerns. I am hoping I get some good feedback.

    1. Is it realistic to cross the Sag River on foot? If possible to cross on foot, follow the river bed out 5 miles or is the tundra a better option?

    2. Safer to use a raft to ferry us across the Sag River and then hump it along the river bed? We have a raft but have decided as a group if we do bring and use it, it would only be to ferry across.

    3. With game preserving spray and game bags, the meat should be good for 3-4 days without being in coolers? Any suggestions on how to hang the meat considering its the tundra... no trees

    4. Wolf season opens Aug. 10th I believe. Possible to bag a wolf up their?

    We are wanting to have a fun/safe trip and have been planning for awhile. Any other guidance would be great.

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    Don't count on crossing the Sag on foot, bring a raft. A few have died trying, and even if you get across, warm weather or lots of rain can very easily prevent you from getting back. Don't even question it, bring a raft, plan to use it and move forward with your other plans. I've crossed it on foot in chest waiders and just about lost it, and that was without gear. I was up to my belly, and it was the shallowest spot I could find in about a half mile of heading up and down braided sections of the river.

    Packing in will limit what you can bring in, but poles are very handy for setting up a meat rack. You probably won't find any sticks large enough to support the weight, but you can find patches of willows to set the meat on. I wouldn't plan on more than a few days of having meat in camp before you need to start getting it out of there.

    Very possible to bag a wolf. We've taken a few up there. Just never know when you'll see them, but they are out there.

    Good luck!


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