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Thread: Canned Salmon I never heard of...

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    Default Canned Salmon I never heard of...

    A coworker (from the Ukraine) brought an absolutely delicious quart of canned salmon to a potluck at work the other day. I haven't had a chance to talk to her, but some co-workers said she told them it was canned with tomatoes and other vegetables, giving it a red color. It was a prefect salmon "salad" dip for crackers -- almost reminded me of a crumbly tuna salad with pickles, etc., but much tastier and more pleasing to the eye.

    Which got me thinking... I've never heard of folks canning an "open and go" salmon salad before. If I want to make a salmon dip, I always just open a jar of canned and THEN add the ingredients... Does anyone can salmon where they mix the ingredients before canning? I would suspect it would be just as easy to make the recipe after opening the canned salmon as a base, but I'd be really curious to know if any of you have explored other options?


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    Gives me some ideas to try out this year.
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