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Thread: Border between 14C and Unit 7

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    Default Border between 14C and Unit 7


    Page 54 of the regs states the following:

    Gulf of Alaska drainages between Gore Point and Cape Fairfield, including the Nellie Juan and Kings River drainages, and including the Kenai River drainage upstream from the Russian River, the drainages into the south side of Turnagain Arm west of and including the Portage Creek drainage, and east of 150 W. long., and all Kenai Peninsula drainages east of 150 W. long., from Turnagain Arm to the Kenai River, and all seaward waters and lands within three (3) miles of these coastlines.

    Given the following, what unit would Placer and 20mile reside?

    The verbiage could suggest either unit if you stare at it long enough.
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    This map shows the borders for 14C (listed as the black bear hunt for "Remainder 14C"). Looking at this, it shows that 20 Mile is in 14C and Placer is in 7. The ridge between 20 Mile and Portage Valley is the dividing line.

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    What are you looking to hunt? Moose is locked down by permit only in the 20 mile drainage, but black bear is open down that way.
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