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Thread: What is the Best monofiloment for Flipping?

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    Default What is the Best monofiloment for Flipping?

    Just wondering what peoples experiences with different monofiloments have been while flipping, abraison resistance, castability, overall fish success. I have tried Berkely big-game. Tough but really stiff, moderate abraison resistance. I have also used Maxima and wasn't impressed. A lot of people recommend Ande fishing line, what is its abraison resistance? I researched tuff stuff line. It's properties seem superior to most monos. Anyone know if this is just fly line tippet or can you buy spools for a spinning rod. Thanks

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    P-Line is one of the toughest.

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    it depends on what you want, there are tradeoffs to every different part of line. Like you can get a very supple line but it won't be super abrasion resistant, or you can have a really tough line and it will be stiff as all get out. I suppose when I use gear I use stren origonal or stren extra stregth, they do fine for me and are pretty inexpensive.

    Myself I like fly line, super abrasion resistance, strong, supple, doesn't give you nasty line cut, strechy enough, the list goes on
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    ANDE Mono works well for me, and normally good price.

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    Default Line

    Maxima Ultra Green


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