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Thread: Winchester Model 70 stainless .375 H&H CRF value????

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    Default Winchester Model 70 stainless .375 H&H CRF value????


    I'm thinking about selling my Winchester model 70 in .375. It's stainless with a composite stock-iron sights. I'm having a heck of a time finding any info. These crf claw extractor types in this config aren't made by Winchester anymore as near as I can tell--perhaps why I'm having a hard time putting a value on it. I did see one on Guns America that sold for 1500, but it was in new condition...

    any ideas?

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    Put up some pictures and date of manufacture information and you will get good responses from several posters.

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    It's all about the timing. Three years ago $1,500 would of been possible. But now since Winchester starting building rifles again, including the 375's values have dropped. Locally in Alaska would estimate $850 - $950 and that's just a guess if it is in top notch condition.
    Possibly a little more if you want to sell on gunbrokers. Then you have to contend with mailing it and paying them their commission. In general, prices of all guns have dropped in the last year or two.

    Not sure who told you Winchester stopped making CRF rifles but that is not true. They are even making a new stainless 375 at the moment. Take a look at their web page.

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    I think SnowWolfe is pretty close with his pricing, especially if the rifle is in excellent shape.

    You might try a site like Gunbroker for like rifles and the asking price there. Usually Gunbroker is a
    little high.
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    I am a buyer at $775.00 and a seller at $900.00 if that helps. (That assumes it is not a Limited Edition "GNG" rifle).

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    Timing and impulse and knowledge are in the mix here. You can probably get a 1,000 bucks give or take a hundred. If you find some one in Alaska that knows their guns they might pay more since the .375 H&H Mod. 70 Winchester was, is and probably always will be considered the "brown bear gun". I like my old pre-64 better then the one I gave my son-in-law, which is like yours. When Winchester first made the rifle you have they put an extractor on it that was made of stamped steel, as was the magazine spring and they had mediocre iron sights. So I replaced extractors and magazine springs with after market ones from Williams Gunsight Company that were made from spring steel. Winchester also added some decent iron sights from New England Custom Guns. The bolt and handle are not one piece and the pressed collar should be pinned and/or welded to the bolt. The other big difference is the trigger. Winchester changed the trigger on the FN rifles. The old Win. trigger is about as good a trigger as a serious big game rifle could have. So any Winchester I buy will have that trigger. To me it makes your gun more valuable.


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