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Thread: Dipnet for the wife?

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    Default Dipnet for the wife?

    I was wondering if your wives dipnet with you, and if so, what does she use for a net? I have a fairly heavy net I got from Ron in Eagle River - awesome net by the way- and my wife has used it several times when we switch off. This year, however, the kids should be old enough to play on the beach by themselves so we can both dip at the same time. She is only 5 foot, 110 lbs., and the net I've got gets a bit heavy for her at times, especially in current. I was wondering you got for your wives to dip with that is more manageable, but still catches plenty of fish? My wife has pulled in a number of doubles, but I think going all day like that will wear her down pretty quick.

    Thanks in advance.
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    If you're going at a different time than us, you're welcome to take my second net this year. I bought it years ago at Sportsman's Warehouse, so I don't know the details on who made it. It's significantly lighter than my other net (from Ron as well) and much easier to deal with in the current. I can take a couple of pictures if you want a better idea of what I'm dealing with.

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    Where do you dip net at, if it the north side of the Kenai. I use a dip net I built that will work for a small person in the current. The handle is 10 feet long with a 5 foot net and can be made longer.

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    I only dip from a boat on the Kenai. That being said we run 4' hoops from the boat and do great with them.
    Even my mom can handle them just fine. You don't always need a full 5' hoop.
    All of my nets come from Mikes welding. The tapered profile of the Aluminum they use makes the current less of an issue especially from a boat. I am guessing it would be easier to run one of Mikes nets from the shore as well.
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    Being somewhat of a dipper myself, this is what I have found.
    If dipping from shore and being an average size, go with Ron's as his are steel and hold up well. They fight the current and hold their ground when the tides starts to push. I also use 4 foot nets by boat too, like Chris said above. Ron's nets still are a little stout though. That being said, you probably want to go with Mike's or B&J's nets for your wife. They are lighter, made from aluminum rather than steel.
    What I also use is a landing net with a 4 and a 1/2 inch(?) mesh (bag) made to be put on dipnets, light green in color. I just bought a replacement bag and tossed the black mesh bag. The problem there is you need to find a landing net that fits a dipnet handle. Not all landing nets fit dipnetting handles.
    Same as Brian said, If you bookmark me and e-mail me when you are going, I could probably lend you one of mine, if I'm not. Hard to tell with work though, sounds like I might be working 6-10's this year.
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    Don't forget the ergonomic importance of the handle.

    Whether you're dealing with the tide or current on a boat, you need a way to leverage the twist of the net.

    I just rotozip out the center plugs on a D handle and drive in a section of 3/4" EMT to stick out a couple of feet. When you align the handle to the plane of the net, this also gives you the added benefit of knowing which-a-way your net is heading.

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    This handle has an extra piece from a defunct Weed-Eater that works great for catching Kings in your sleep at the Copper.


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