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Thread: Summary of Board of Game Regulation Changes 2012-2013

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    Default Summary of Board of Game Regulation Changes 2012-2013

    I wasn't able to track this down on the F&G website, thanks to Nissa at Board support for sending it to me, thought perhaps others may want to download a copy, have attached it here. Please note the caveat at top of page!

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    Thanks for posting this, Mark. These are a few of the changes that caught my eye at first glance:

    Unit 14A, changed the antlerless moose winter drawing hunt season dates to Nov 1 Dec 25. Antlerless drawing hunts were cancelled for fall 2012 so this will be effective fall 2013.
    I'm really glad to see this change. This will make for better meat care and will potentially remove a bit of the pressure that can disturb bulls that other hunters might be able to target.

    Units 13B, 20A and 20D, Delta Controlled Use Area, allocate a maximum of 10 percent of drawing permits to nonresidents and a minimum of 90 percent of drawing permits to residents. Not in effect until fall 2013.
    I'm curious to see what this one will look like in practice. I expect that it will become a firm 10-90 allocation in the drawing, but I sure would like to see a 'not more than 10%' drawing instead.

    Increase the number of moose drawing hunts a person can apply for from 3 to 6, of those 6 up to 3 may be bull hunts.
    Well, I guess the drawing just got $30 more expensive for my family between my wife and I. I always have a hard time narrowing my choices to 3 and I certainly don't mind F&G getting a bit more funding, but I don't expect that this will improve the draw odds in any way.

    Units 1-7, 14A, 14C, 15-17 changed sealing and salvage requirements for black bears taken June 1 December 31 to require the skull and either the hide or meat be salvaged. All skulls must be sealed and if the meat is salvaged, evidence of sex must remain naturally attached to the meat prior to the skull being sealed. If the hide is salvaged, evidence of sex must remain naturally attached to the hide prior to the skull being sealed.
    Another one that I'm very glad to see. There's no reason that hide salvage should be required in July if one is just taking a black bear for meat. Good call!

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    If I am reading this correctly Chicken will be open to cow caribou this year too.
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    Looks like some solid improvements!
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