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    I have 4 shrimp pots. We went last year a couple of times but only caught a few. I was told that I should cover the tops of the pots. What should I use to cover them with? Does it make a big difference? I saw some larger pots at the sportsman show, Are the larger ones better? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    This topic has been discussed at great lengths. Hit the search button, type in "shrimping" and you will have more info than you may want to read. Personally I wouldn't bother covering them.

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    I wouldn't waste my time covering pots, i've yet heard of a good reason why they are covered. Shrimping is alot like real estate its location, location, location that catches shrimp, just like everything else in fishing. One thing i do know is that all pots will catch shrimp but some pots sure catch them better than others. If your going to attend the Mat-Su Outdoorsmans Show this weekend please stop by my booth(C-42) and take a look at my pots, i'll have both the rigid & folding models there to see(and buy). I didn't have a booth(i was parked outside with pots) at the anchorage show(too expensive) but i do know i'm the only guy with pots for sale that has pictures of the pots catching shrimp, none of the big guys have that they'll just tell you how good their pots are . Please PM or email me if you have any other questions.

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