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    I'm heading to Alaska for the first time in late June. I'll be doing a 10 day float trip on the Talachulitna, starting at Judd Lake. I'm looking for some advice on flies. Rumor has it, a guy can tie into some nice rainbows and grayling on dries in the upper stretches. I'm also wondering what are some go-to salmon flies should I come across some kings. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. And on a side note, how thick are the bears in that neck of the woods. Worthy of bringing along my 12 ga.?

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    Absolutly, it would be wise to have some form of bear protection, but equally important to practice safe river travel guidlines. Try to eat before you setup camp and keep food well away from tents and keep a clean camp. Im sure you're aware of this but it is that time of year again, good luck. Bring some buggers, leeches, mice, stonefly nymphs and standard Alaskan fare will catch fish, Flash flies for salmon, ESL's.

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    Think there is a video out on this river, lots of fish caught. It might have even determined you floating this river:

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    Late June will be a bit early for the King run in the upper stretches of the river. Main Chinook run typically enters into the lower reaches starting in fourth week of June.

    However, lots of good grayling and rainbow fishing to be had in your timeframe if the water is in shape. The Tal is "tea colored", and can get out of sorts in turbidity with run-off and a day of rain. Prior to arrival of the first salmon the prior listed flies should work well: Leaches, nymphs, mice, buggers, Battle Creeks. Make sure for leaches you have olive, black and white. Once the salmon do arrive, egg imitations, including painted beads work well for the trout and grayling.

    Make sure you have a good quality 8wt to 10wt for the kings if you are targeting them. I fish a 5wt or 6wt for the trout/grayling, but anything from a 4wt to 7wt will work OK. For Kings, try chartruse, orange or black streamers on a 1/0 or 2/0 hook.

    Definitely lots of bears, and they come to the river once the sound of splashing salmon arrive. Good suggestions on the camp care, and you might think about a portable electric fence. Last time I fished it (september last year) there were bears on nearly every bend of the river. In June you will likely see less, but I fish the river alot (10-20 days a year), and more often than not you will see bears.


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