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Thread: Best Gun For S.E Black Bear Hunt

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    Default Best Gun For S.E Black Bear Hunt

    I am thinking I'll take my 338 stainless syn.M70 with 2x7VXII,shooting 230 grain failsafes.What do you think of this combo?I understand these bears can get pretty large and the cover off the beach is thick so you need to anchor them on the spot if possible.I leave May 14th.The scope is in Talley lightweights with a Rifle Basix 2.5 lb.trigger.

    Thanks in advance and what a great site.

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    Sounds to me like you're on the right track, several issues. You have choosen an excellent caliber, good choice on stainless w/ a plastic stock...lots of wet conditions in that part of the world, and the brush can be VERY thick uphill from the beach or around any clearing....make a good [kill] shot the first time to anchor the bear. Sounds like you have a good handle of the things you can of luck on your bear hunt!

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    I agree with Byron 100%. You're fine.

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    i think you have a good set up. however, i would use 250 gr. n.p. instead if your rifle shoots them well enough. big guns shooting big bullets.
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