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Thread: What is your favorte braided line for Halibut?

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    Default What is your favorte braided line for Halibut?

    What is your favorte braided line for Halibut? Brand, color and lb test

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    PowerPro, all colors, 80#, though this was covered pretty thoroughly a few weeks ago:
    Year round saltwater fishing adventures in Homer, AK.

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    Brand? whatever the resort supplies. Usually Tuff-plus.
    Color? white because I can see it best, fish don't care.
    Lb test? 80 is plenty(imho), were not lifting engine blocks off the bottom. Never seen a need for anything heavier especially after seeing numerous 100+ pounders come up on 25lbs. mono on salmon rods. Brought many halibut to the surface between 100-300lbs. over the past 15 years using braid as well as an 8-9 foot tail wrapped salmon shark and never felt a need for anything heavier.
    Just my $.02 worth.

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