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Thread: Tanana River between Delta and Fairbanks- Any info???

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    Default Tanana River between Delta and Fairbanks- Any info???

    Gearing up for a big paddle and can't find any info on what the water's like on the Tanana between Delta and Fairbanks. Anybody out there paddle that section? I know it's extremely braided and probably full of log jams, but would like to hear from anyone who's paddled it. Thanks!

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    Yep, braided and fast currents, lots of snags, but very doable. The last time i did this float was about 8 years ago, so i'm running on memory here about float times...seems like about 30 hours. I did it over two long days.

    class level: fast class I-II. you know the deal with silty rivers, but the Tanana has tricky currents with stiff eddy lines that contain helical patterns, so be very careful entering converging braids, these eddy lines are not as simple as on typical clear water streams.

    Love the sound of silt-laden rivers on the bottom of my rafts, but never get complaisant even when you're on a mild section. zero visibility, so logs and sandbars can catch ya without warning.


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    Laryr is right about the conditions. I've done it in a canoe, and it was fast water with lots of obstacles. As long as you can handle a boat, it's fine, but it can get hairy sometimes. If the wind if blowing, be prepared for lots of cross- and headwinds. It's a fun float, though, so good luck!

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