I have an inflatable, 2 person, Sea Eagle Fast Track Kayak that I bought last fall
and have only used a dozen or so times on slow meandering floats up on the NW Alaska river
that I live on.
It was my first time in a kayak in 30 years so I am definitely a beginner. I am looking
for some good spots to safely learn and gain some experience in different types of water.
I will be traveling around, for the month of June, and will be in an area from Talkeetna, down to Seward, over to Kenai and all places in between that I find interesting.
I'm looking for any and all advice on how to proceed. Where to go, things to consider. I've spent some time in the area, so I am a bit familiar with that part of Alaska, but haven't spent much time on the water in that area, and never in a kayak. I've always found a wealth of knowledge on this site, so any help I could receive would be useful and be greatly appreciated.