Just like SOTAR-- FEATHERCRAFT is a company that builds their products one at a time, Having worked with them for the last 5 years, they understand how our needs in ALASKA is something different than the rest of the far-north, as is Siberia. We can build you what will fit your needs as you will like. No worries with the custom work other than $. with SOTAR, as it came together a long time ago. Feathercraft is a wonderful company in Canada, and has built world class kayaks for over 30 years, the choice of several high profile people I have guided years ago in the Soviet Union. Just saying they could have bought anything they wanted, but chose Feathercraft. My first experience with the company in the 1980's.
We at Feathercraft also can build you exactly what you want- not just a production aka -BIG RIG, model, with your special needs built to suite you. Tube diameter, length, width, lashing points, ect.
It will take a while to custom build what your wants and needs are to be, as we have to cut the fabric as needed and place the loops as needed to suite your specs as well as welding the urethane, which comes in two different weights-- light weight 210 din. heavy weight 420 din. If interested in custom work- contact Theresa or Doug at feathercraft.com for my name and e-mail.
If you buy North America-- you really can get what you want.
Happy safe Boating---