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Thread: Mixing synthetic and conventional oil

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    I just drained the conventional break in oil on my new inboard at 15 hours. I have to pump the oil out of the dip stick tube. So you can never get it all. I have about half a quart that I can never get out. Can I start running full synthetic from this oil change on? And will that half quart of regular oil be ok mixing with five quarts of synthetic?

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    Can you mix different types of motor oil? For example, synthetic and synthetic blend or regular and synthetic? Is this going to cause problems?Mixing synthetic and conventional oils will not cause any problems. The oils are compatible with each other

    From this source>>

    Heck, they even sell this>>

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    Good to hear thanks!!

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    I went to a seminar put on by a rep from Mobile once. Basically synthetic to regular oil is like Patron to Jose Cuervo. They take the regular oil and process it a little more to remove more of the impurities. That is why you can go longer between oil changes. Mix away.
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