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Thread: Hidden Lake Campground Questions

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    Default Hidden Lake Campground Questions

    I want to take a trip to Hidden Lake. Are the campsites reservable? If so, are there any recommendations? I can't seem to find a website or anything with any real information. Any help is appreciated.

    Any good suggestions for hiking trails or bike trails (for little kids) would also be welcome.


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    To the best of my knowledge it is first come first served. There are a few choice camp sites right on the water. Cell and 3g coverage is spotty at best, unless you are on the water. Catching lakers there takes practice.
    If you google Kenai Wildlife Refuge you will find the info you want about the campground and local trails.
    Not sure if it has broken up yet though.

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    Hidden lake is a great spot to camp. And yes there are minimal spots on the lake but it is easy to access where you camp.
    You really cant wrong camping here.

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    You'll like it there, but call the Refuge to make sure its open at 262-7021 at the main office in Soldotna. I would think the lake itself is probably still iced over but I haven't seen it yet this spring. They will be able answer questions like that at the number.

    Main website


    For a hiking trail for little kids I suggest you choose Burneys Trail as its easy and right at the campground.
    If they do ok on that one maybe try Hidden Creek trail next.
    If they are still holding up the next one should be Skilak Lookout trail.

    Biking regs are strict on the refuge but here they are.
    "And the short answer is that bicycling has been deemed compatible with refuge purposes on refuge roads otherwise open to licensed highway vehicles. In other words, you can ride your bike down Skilak Loop Road, Swanson River and Swan Lake roads, and on Mystery Creek Road in the fall when itís open for hunting. But donít ride your mountain bike on refuge trails."


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