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Thread: USCG vs SOLAS approved

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    Default USCG vs SOLAS approved

    Time to show my ignorance and ask for some insight. I am not a commercial operator. I want some survival suits/ immersion suits on board my boat for added safety. Does it make a difference if they are SOLAS approved or USCG approved? It should not make a difference if I stay non commercial, but for resale or future plans it would be nice to have as many options open. Also does a survival suit cover any of the USCG type designations? For example can a survival suit replace a Type II device on board my vessel?

    Thanx ahead of time.

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    Solas is a much higher standard. Light off a SOLAS flare and a USCG flare, and you'll sell yourself on the difference. More expensive often, but when it's my hiney on the line I'm happier with the higher standard than just enough to get by. YMMV

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    It does Not replace your type II
    You still need those.

    All recreational boats must carry one wearable lifejacket (Type I, II, III or Type V lifejacket) for each person aboard. A Type V lifejacket provides performance of either a Type I, II, or III lifejacket (as marked on its label) and must be used according to the label requirements. Any boat 16ft and longer (except canoes and kayaks) must also carry one throwable lifejacket (Type IV lifejacket
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