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Thread: Binocular Repair

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    Default Binocular Repair

    In fall '10, my binocular lost an eyepiece. Not just the rubber cup, but the entire screw-on ring. I searched high/low for a solution - these are Sigma glasses, seemingly a low-cost Zeiss "generic" - couldn't find anything on the net. I eventually called Zeiss, they referred me to this company:

    These guys hooked me up with a new ring, with two new matching eyecups. I was almost at the point of tossing these things I looked so long. Now, color me happy!!

    Not associated in any way, just a happy customer with repaired "go-to" binocular.

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    Good to hear.I sent Pentax a set of bino's with lifetime warranty as was told it would cost $85.00 plus shipping to fix.I said what about the warranty and they said that was the old Pentax so I had them trash them.
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