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Thread: question for the 325 WSM owners

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    Default question for the 325 WSM owners

    Any of you shooting the Nosler Custom Trophy Grade ammunition? I picked up a box of the 200 grain accubonds at Cabelas yesterday. $51 per box vs. $62 a box for the Winchester 200 grain accubonds. Sure wish Federal would come out with some factory ammo for the .325.
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    I don't shoot the .325 but I do shoot the .300WSM and my rifle shoots the Trophy Grade with the 180AB really well- better than anything else in fact. It's the only load I hunt with and on game performance has been perfect.
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    Default 325 owners

    I own three rifles in 325wsm,winchester extreme ,nosler trophy grade and kimber montana,all three shoot moa with nosler ammo.


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