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    That waxy goop in the tub, that cost about $30 is worth $3000! (...There was a thread about it awhile back -Thanks Steve!)

    I had it sitting in a box of stuff in the garage that is suppose to go in the boat so it was nice and close....I come home and hear this "hissing" sound in my bathroom. The floors flooded and I can't find where the water is coming from until my hand passes by the laser-sharp spray of water coming from the wall. Ripping the sheet rock off reveals an ancient failed patch job on a copper pipe gone bad! The main shut-off valve is lame and does about half the job of shutting the water off to the house. Thinking about the video I watched about the stuff, and with limited options, I put a little "toothbrush" amount on the hole and presto! It held until the next night!

    The amazing thing, I thought, is the pressure blew right through the sheet rock but not the wax stuff. What is it about 60psi from the copper pipes in a house? Amazing!

    I'm excited about being blown into the rocks in the Whittier harbor so I can test the stuff on my boat, gonna be great!!! (Ha Ha)

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    Did you get the stuff locally?

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    Myers, quick thinking on your part and very impressive it held. I think they say it will hold up to ~20psi. Thanks for the report.

    You can order it from here I ordered 4 of the 28 oz tub, one for me and the rest to give friends. Shipping is very reasonable. West Marine als carries it for a few dollars more. Not sure it is in their store so you may have to order it.

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    I had to order it off the internet like rhorn said. When I opened the tub it looked like it was old and gone bad, but when you touch it you realize it's some nasty wax stuff! I understand the "bubble gum" joke about patching holes, but the pressure on this pipe I fixed and how it just stopped it with just a touch of it, was amazing!

    I've always been curious about boat salvage operations, I bet they got some tricks that would be totally mind-blowing. Interesting subject!

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    That stuff and rescue tape.
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