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    So I finally bit the bullet and bought this machine, so long foodsaver, anyways just was looking for a little bit of info from others that have chambered vacuum sealers. Are 3 mil bags thick enough to keep fish bones from poking threw them or should i get a thicker mil bag? I also heard that when packing fish that if you use to much vacuum that it will smash/squesh the fish, if this is true about how much vacuum do you use before you seal the bag? Any other tips from anybody that has a chambered machine would be great, I am just hoping that this will take away the headache that I always got whenever the foodsaver came out. Thanks in advance

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    anybody got any good info or tips?????????

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    I have never had the fish get squished from too much vac in the chamber sealer I use. I haven't played with the vac settings though.
    I think the bags I am using are 4 mil bags and they seem to work fine. I have been buying them at Walmart in Kenai.
    One thing we have done is when doing a salmon fillet too long for our machine is to take the fillet and cut it in the middle. You want to cut through the meat but not the skin. Then you fold it in half and it will fit in a smaller bag and fit in a smaller machine.
    When you wan't a whole fillet for the BBQ or whatever you just thaw it out and unfold it.
    I do know after going through 3 foodsavers that a chamber machine is the only way to go.
    we did over 200#'s of halibut at one time last year without stopping and it never missed a beat.
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