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    Default Kodiak air service

    Fellas, I am coming to Kodiak to hunt goats this year. I will have to fly into a camp on Ugak Bay. Since I am on a NR list, I was contacted by an air service on the island. I surprised to hear a minimum cost of over $300 each way and most likely more on the trip back to Kodiak if I am successful. Does this price sound about right? Any other thoughts on other services? thanks much guys...

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    Default sounds right

    $300 each way sounds about right. You must remember they will charge you for the flight time to drop you off & get back to their base. So if each way is 20-25 minutes one trip would be almost their hourly rate.
    It also depends on the plane being used. If you went with one of the two services on the island flying a beaver the flight out would be the same price as the flight in. However I would expect it to be closer to $500 each way but the payload is a lot larger. It depends on how many people & how much gear you take but unless you are in a super cub you should be able to get out in one trip. I think Kingfishers flys an aircraft that charters around $400 per hr with an 850lb payload so that sounds like it would fit your ticket & about what you were quoted.


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