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Thread: Stripping for dollies on kpen

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    Default Stripping for dollies on kpen

    Cheers folks, was taking my daughter to dig some clams down on k-pen. Was hoping to play with some dollies while waiting on the tide. Anybody know any LEGAL looks to dolly fish in the area? Dont want your your favorite eddy but just a creek that see's a fair amount of dollies in the area @ this time. I can figure it out from there. I only typically steelhead down on k-pen, but not trying to go all out seems how i will have a 2 year old in tow. Thanks in advance !

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    JETRAT........I tried to email u per your pm. Was told by site u were not accepting emails thru forum. (?) Any how... All Kenai pen stream south of clam gulch are closed til king opener. Dollies (some, but not all) are dropping out of crks about now and are heading to sea to fatten up and recharge their batteries. Kasilof will still have dollies around but can be tough to find. They should be starting to show around the Homer spit area. Keep in mind the salt water closure areas around most of the streams south of clam gulch due to king preservation.
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