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    Default MSR Reactor

    Has anyone seen one yet? It is like a JetBoil. The MSR website says they are available this month. Here's a little write up
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    Default Soon

    I am also waiting to get one. I read about it in the Backpacking Gear issue. Looks great. Does come out until 4/26.

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    Boondock's Sporting Goods had an MSR rep working their booth at the Sportsmans Show. I stopped to talk to him and he did a demo for me with the Reactor. He filled it up with water to the max fill line, liter and a half or so, and cranked it on. Man that thing boils fast. Definately does what they say it does. If your looking to just boil water or heat up a soup then i think its the way to to.

    I did ask if MSR was going to come out with an accessory adapter that would let you set a small skillet or other type of pan over the heat source, he said they were not at this time. I know the Jetboil has this type of accessory. They are looking at integrating the heat exchanger system into other types of pans, but this probably won't be out anytime soon.


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