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Thread: Be careful when posting photos.

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    Default Be careful when posting photos.

    So there I was, surfing the Internet, doing my homework, looking for information on floating the Karluk when I stumbled across a page with my wife holding a rainbow. Huh?!

    See, the problem is I took this photo a few years back on the very top section of Lake Creek, 350 miles to the north. It makes me wonder if anyone from this outfit has even been to the Karluk. If a company had actually even done a day trip on the Karluk, anywhere from the lake to the village would produce a myriad of photo opportunities. On a solo trip, I caught some of the nicest fish of my life there in a few hours. This company is charging top dollar for this trip. If you are hiring a guide, do your research.

    The photo was originally posted on this forum in a thread about rain shelters. Since I have a few images stored on Photobucket, I am guessing the photo may have been taken from there. Apparently, Iím pretty ignorant to usage rights, so I need to educate myself and make some changes.

    I contacted the poser company through email asking them to take it down, and even though they did not respond with an explanation, they took the photo off their site. With that said, people making a profit off of our rivers should not have misleading photos on their websites. Thatís lame.


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    This is something we take seriously on Outdoors Directory. We do use a lot of photos on the site, and some of them come from our members. But I make a point to ask them before doing so. Technically we could use anything that's posted here, but I would never do that. From my writing experiences I know how important it is to get permission first, and to not use the image if permission is not granted.

    We greatly appreciate the trust we have generated on this site and the freedom with which our members post their images. Please let us know if you see these images posted elsewhere without your permission. We would be happy to join you in defending your rights to your property.

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