So I've found that you can still purchase new 2-strokes in Canada in the form of Mercury Sea Pro's. What I'm wondering is if anyone knows if there is a jet conversion for the Mercury Sea Pro 25-30 HP 2-stroke? From other online forums it sounds like the Sea Pro's are "made by Tohatsu and are based on the 1996 model but with a Mercury sticker slapped on it". When I look at Outboard Jets website it shows that the Mercury 2-stroke jet unit conversions ended in 05', but when you look at the Tohatsu-Nissan pdf it says the 25-30 HP is available 1988-Present. So what I want to know is if the Mercury Sea Pro 25-30 is in fact the Tohatsu? From my searches I found on the Tohatsu website that they no longer make/sell 2-strokes in the above specified HP in Canada or the USA, although I have found you can buy them in South America and Australia, etc. Going to call Outboard Jets and see what information I can learn but also wanting to know if anyone out there has a Mercury Sea Pro that they have converted to a jet outboard?