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Thread: Where to put in Raft on Kenai Float in July

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    Default Where to put in Raft on Kenai Float in July

    I am looking to Float the Kenai around the 18th of July this year and am open for any help or advise as to where to put a raft in and where to take out the raft. I would like to stop places along the shore line and get out and do some sockeye fishing but is it possible to just float and catch a king along the way. I would also be interested in knowing how long it takes to float from put in to take out if I didn't stop. Any advise or suggestions would be most appreciated.

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    On the upper river you can put in at either the cooper landing bridge or sportsmans landing. If you put in at the bridge you can take out at either sportsmans or jims landing. If you put in at sportsmans, you can take out at jims. DO NOT go past jims. You will enter the canyon where there is some very rough water and you'll end up out in skilak lake.
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    "to just float and catch a king along the way."

    Would have to be the middle or lower river. No king fishing in upper kenai.
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    For your first float in july fishing I'd put in at sportsman and take out at Jims. Easy fun float.

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    i prefer coopers to jims, i dont like the congestion of the russian area and there are some good spots to stop before you hit sportsmans but the longer float to jims is nice. sportsmans to jims is an easier shuttle than coopers to jims. water level plays a major roll in float time. i have had full days (with stops) but i have straight floated with high water and it only takes a few hours


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