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Thread: Can Am Outlander 500

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    Default Can Am Outlander 500

    Anyone have one? Looking for fuel consumption, general power to pull a trailer with 500 lbs in it and how do you like it in general? Is the 400 that much less powerful that it wouldn't work where the 500 would?
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    I bought a Can Am Max XT 400 last year. I rode a 400, 500, and an 800. The 400 has 35hp and is more power than I can put to the ground unless trail conditions are awfully good. The fuel economy is actually pretty good- not as good as my Ranchers were- but the CVT tranny runs the engine at higher RPM than I normally ran the Ranchers with solid tranny. A friend runs the 800 and its a total fuel pig- easily burning twice the fuel or more than mine on a trip.

    As a caveat- I'm using the machine for hunting transportation- I rarely go very fast and I'm not trying to stick it into every mudhole to throw a rooster tail of muck...for that use an 800 may hold a big advantage.

    The 400 has a good useful low range and I've pulled trailers full of wood (well over 500lbs) around my property easily. I've hunted with it 2-up with the wife and noticed no lack of useful power. My advice would be the additional 100cc get you nothing but a heavier/more complex engine in a more expensive machine that burns more gas and gives very litle in return.

    I would recommend the "XT" package with a factory winch, better tires and wheels and few other bells and was well worth the additional cost when I comparison shopped around.
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    I'm not sure how it is with the newer models, but with the older ones, the 400 had a different frame and suspension from the larger versions (500/700/800). This can come into play if you want to accessorize it with aftermarket stuff.

    FWIW, I run a max (2-up) 400, 2005 vintage, and have not felt that it is underpowered.


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