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Thread: kodiak late July

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    Default kodiak late July

    A friend and I are taking a trip to Kodiak the last week of july for some roadside fishing. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for us to look into.
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    Should be a really beautiful (weather permitting) and fun trip. Your timing kind of lays between ideal runs, but there is still plenty of fish available. There might be a few reds in the pasagshak, fishing pinks and chums in the surf will be in full swing, dollies will be readily catchable at darn near every stream mouth and beach. During July I would strongly advise trying some surf fishing for bottom fish as well, halibut from shore during late July in Kodiak is very likely with some map research, look for deep spots or areas with heavy salmon population, Pasagshak bay is also a good start as the butts come in close feeding on crabs and salmon carcasses. A reel with atleast 35-40lb braid and the ability to chuck a few ounces of lead and some bait is all you need.


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