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    If someone has had actual experience in GMU 20A, could you please tell me what kind of terrain is there, tundra, forested, or ? I'm thinking more specifically about the area west and south of Wainwright. Thanks

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    A little of everything, mostly all flat. Lots of burn areas that are growing great new browse, lots of swamp areas that only airboats can get into, and lots of forested area with dry ground and large white spruce.

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    It is all frozen in the winter and you can drive all over it.

    Lots of people are in there in the fall hunting moose, caribou, sheep, and bears.

    Decent population of canines.

    Great scenery!

    The Yukon training area and Donnelly training areas are in this GMU.

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    Thanks for the info guys. I'm writing a sequel to my book, Trails, and wanted to get things right.


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