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Thread: Lowrance LCX-111C info Please?

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    Default Lowrance LCX-111C info Please?

    Well, for the few keeping track of my recent purchase. The boat is officially mine! All fitted onto my new trailer and heading northbound on Sunday night.
    The GPS, Sounder, Radar unit is a Lowrance LCX-111C. I know this unit is a few years old now. How are the maps on these of PWS area?
    My last boat I outfitted it with the Garmin 440s. Will I be severely disappointed with this unit. My only complaint with my previous unit was the screen size.
    Does anyone have an oppinion on this Lowrance. Should I start saving up some $$$ for a new one?

    Thanks again for all the help so far on the boat transport deal. one of your ideas worked out and I will post more once the boat arrives safely to AK.

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    I think the lowrance units are ok, I had a LMS 525C. I used the nautic path chip in it and it was pretty good for the cost, I do remember that it did not have any chart info for the back end of Blackstone bay, the navionics chip might, but it cost more. I have a Garmin 546s now in my new boat and the GPS on it is better, I wouldn't say the sounder is that much better though. As far as saving up for a new unit, that will be your call after you use it a few times and decide if it is adequate. My feeling is, you will want to upgrade, I know I do, if only better electronics werent so **** expensive.
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    I can't speak to the mapping up in PWS, but the mapping down in SE was great with nautic path when I ran a lowrance. I miss using that chip.

    The fish finding is pretty good too. It did it all for me.

    It should do fine for any sport fishing application.

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    I want the new HDS Gen 2. Love the structure map concept.

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    I have a LCX-113HD and it works great for both GPS and sonar. Not sure what the maps for PWS area are like but I have the navionics maps for the lower 48 and the HD maps are great for knowing where things are and finding structure. I have changed the transducer out to an Airmar and have attached the Broadband sounder to it so it does what I need it to do, not as fancy as the new models but it works.

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    I also have the LCX-113HD and have not had problems with it. I don't know what the difference is between the LCX-111C and the one I have but I wouldn't imagine too much. I regularly run in PWS and I've had no problems with the charts and the coverage has been great for my uses. I'm happy to have you come by and look at it and see what you think. I've also had good luck with the finder holding bottom even cruising at 30mph, unless it's really deep. Anyway, let me know if you want to come by for a look or if I can get you any specific info.

    Glad to hear you figured out a way to get your boat up here. Maybe we'll see you on the water in the near future.


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