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    Looks like they finally got rid of me-- was trying to sell my private used raft and described- make model- fabric- and past use. They even lost the $ I was going to pay if she actually had sold. Has really been good over the years and hopefully have given some valid and helpful insight to questions presented. Have been a professional rafter and hunting for over 30 years. I am sure you can find me through folks that I have worked with here since the early 80's-- or just check for my contact,DARE THEY FORBID, this post.
    Be Safe and enjoy-

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    Shoot me a line and let's talk. Nobody has gotten rid of you here, that's for sure.

    Take care, my friend.

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    Your forum contributions to these discussions have been way too valuable in the past for you to leave 'cause you mentioned selling that boat (in the wrong forum area). Without you, the only forum rafting experts are Mikey, Jim S., Brian R, and somebody(s) I've missed.
    None of us have your training, depth of knowledge, and international experience.
    Do you really want to leave the AOD forums with only the rafting experts mentioned above?

    Welcome back.

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    What ever happened, someone needs to make it right. QUICKLY.

    Goo is salt of the earth and represents the best this forum has to offer.

    He sold me one of his 'used' (brand new looking) rafts a few years ago for $3000 less than Sotar was going to charge me to make one. He shipped it up to Kotz, where my float trip was from, sent me a frame to use, oars, two pumps, repair kit, dry bags, etc.. as I had none of this stuff due to just buying my first raft. Invited me over to his house for gumbo afterwards but flight schedule didn't allow it (maybe this fall Goo). Why did he do this? I already told you, he is salt of the earth. My wife and I had one of our most memorable float trips ever that year. Hot liquor drinks around a fast burning willow fire in mid Sept, northern lights, 20" grayling, caribou herd viewed out the tent door each morning, and a 14 lb dolly on my fly rod.

    Goo made this possible....


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    Goo is gone.

    Spoke with him at length tonight, he is indeed the "Salt of the Earth". A true man of honor and pride in his word. I respect him and cherish his friendship. If I look him in his eyes and shake his hand, it's a contract. No signature required.

    His knowledge, experience and advice will be forever missed.....................
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