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Thread: Wild West Sights for Marlin Guides

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    Default Wild West Sights for Marlin Guides

    Has anyone added the halo sights from WW Guns with the fiberoptic front sight--seems smart choice for aligning sights on a black animal in lower light situations. Just curious if the front blade is something I can switch out easily on my own--i.e. does it drift out with a punch? Or am I looking at a trip to the local smith. I know enough about guns to know my limitations and if the front bade needs fitting, its for a smith. Lapping barrels, scope rings and the like are fine--even minor stock fitting and bedding--but if involves a file to remove metal, my big meat paws doesn't touch it.

    Isn't funny how new guns--even ones new only to us--bring up such questions. I also posted regarding ammo--but being long winded as I am, I didn't want to bury this Q in my other post. I haven't evolved very far from tinkering with a new toy on the playground.


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    Thumbs up Ghost rings

    I bought the ghost rings for my 45/70 a couple of weeks ago and change out the front and rear sight in 5-10 minutes.

    Changed out very easy. I had a small brass punch to help eliminate any chance of marring the finish taking out the front sight. I don't really think I need it. Simple job.


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