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Thread: Place to launch layout boat

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    Just moved to ANC and am looking for a small body of water that I can launch and test out my layout boat. It only has a 2.5 Hp. Is there anywhere open yet that I can test my boat out on the water?

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    You are a bit early, wait a couple weeks, the water will be up to 80*f and the gals on the beach will have the bikinis on. Bud

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    In achorage there are limited lakes that you can use a gas motor on. Here is a cut and paste from the code. Sand Lake is the only in town lake that allows gas motors during certain times of the day/week.

    25.70.045 - Use of motor vehicles prohibited on certain bodies of water; exceptions.

    A.This section applies to the following bodies of water within the municipality:

    1.Campbell Creek.

    2.Chester Creek.

    3.Fish Creek.

    4.Rabbit Creek.

    5.Ship Creek (excluding the public boat ramp area and downstream thereof).

    6.Bentzen Lake.

    7.Birch Lake.

    8.Connors Lake.

    9.Delong Lake.

    10.Edmonds Lake.

    11.Goose Lake.

    12.Hood Lake.

    13.Jewel Lake.

    14.Lower Fire Lake.

    15.Mirror Lake.

    16.Otis Lake.

    17.Sand Lake.

    18.Spenard Lake.

    19.Sundi Lake.

    B.A person may not operate a motor vehicle on a body of water described in subsection A of this section, except for:

    1.Airplane operation.

    2.Participation in a motorized event or use which is the subject of a facility use permit issued pursuant to chapter 25.10

    3.Construction, enforcement, maintenance or emergency vehicles operated by the municipality or its contractors.

    4.Boats using an electric motor.

    5.Remote-controlled model boats, cars and similar models.

    6.Boats equipped with outboard motors of 50 horsepower or less, which must be operated at a no-wake speed when within 100 feet of a dock or shoreline on Sand Lake and Lower Fire Lake, during the hours of 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and noon to 8:00 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

    (AO No. 86-102)

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    The joke is, your allowed to use a boat with a motor on Sand Lake but good luck getting it to the lake.

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    Good point, but because its a layout boat he should be able to get it where people launch kayaks & canoes. I helped drag a small inflatable in & out three yrs ago, don't klnow if the parking area with the little slough / channel into the lake is still open.

    Otherwise you ship creek launch & you could motor around the corner & up to the bridge, but I would do it at high slack.


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