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Thread: Butte Lake Denali Hwy question.

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    Default Butte Lake Denali Hwy question.

    Looking for information on Butte Lake, my Son and a friend of his are coming up the first week of July and want to take 4 wheelers in to the lake and fish it.
    How is the trail in to the lake, what should I expect bug wise and anything I should be aware of?

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    well i have never fished that area so as far as trails are concerned i cant help you as far as bugs are concerned be ready for the big three, Mosquitos, White sox and no-seeums. Also horse flies and bees/hornets. use off brand with deet worked great for me all last summer working on the situk in Southeast Ak.

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    Bugs and swamp. There are small lakers in there however the trail is wet/muddy...bring recovery gear. If you have a small inflatable with small motor you can up your chances there with the fishing. Glacier lake has better laker fishing and some decent grayling fishing....but you need a boat for the lakers. IIRC, it`s about 4 miles to Butte.

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    I have an Aire Traveler canoe I planned on bringing. I will research glacier lake.


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