Hi I am new to the forum here and am looking for some information on Caribou hunting. Thinking of doing an unguided hunt for caribou either around the Canning River area or to the west of the highway in the Brooks Range area. Any info would be appreciated. Have hunted for several years in the Kenai peninsula for black bear always unguided and been quite successful. Me and my partner decided to try caribou this year. We want to go probably the last week of August and the first week of September. I am looking for some info on pilots in the area that would be willing to fly us in and pick us up. Wondering what hourly rates are to get flown in like this and also what would the max weights be on something like a super cub or something of this size plane and whether or not we would have to have two trips each way. I am assuming that coming out if successful we would definitely need two flights. We are both experienced outdoorsman and avid bow hunters and both in good physical condition. Any info that anybody could give us will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Jim