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Thread: Anybody Rafted Eagle River Yet Down to Bravo Bridge?

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    Default Anybody Rafted Eagle River Yet Down to Bravo Bridge?

    I was curious if anyone has gone down Eagle River yet to Bravo Bridge. Driving over the bridge it looks ice-free but from what i can see as I wizz by at 65 mph, there is ice on the shore in the canyon heading down, but it does not look like there is ice on the water any more. I have a new inflatible canoe I want to try before the water gets high but am not so excited to go and have to climb over aufeis. Has any body headed down yet or do you think it is still too early?

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    I am not sure but if you want someone to go with PM me ...

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    I paddled an upstream section of Eagle River late this afternoon in a hardshell kayak. From the wayside about a mile above the North Fork parking area, down to the Briggs Bridge area. There was some ice sitting on the edges of gravel bars, but that's it. Low water levels and quite a few trees down in the water, but nothing that couldn't be paddled around. The rest of the river downstream should be open, at least no ice blockages, can't predict downed trees though?
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