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Thread: Seward Kings from the boat harbor?

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    Default Seward Kings from the boat harbor?

    I recently watched a video of a group of anglers who were fishing on the other side of a rock wall by the culvert. They were casting into the boat harbor right by the Seward Harbor boat launch and were catching some small jack Kings and a nice 15-20lb. They were throwing what appeared to be medium sized Vibrax spinners about fifteen to twenty feet, then using a slow retrieve to get results. In my past visits to Seward, I have only fished Lowell Creek, the beach line and in front of the old culvert (now removed to allow fish passage). Has anybody else fished for Kings in the boat harbor? If so, when is a good time for doing so? Thanks.

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    I don't want to derail your thread, but last year I sat at the public boat launch in the Homer Harbor and watched a guy throw a Vibrax off of the back of his boat in his slip and catch two decent kings within fifteen minutes. It was bizarre! So if you can't catch any at the Seward boat harbor, head to Homer.

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    I would be surprisedif it was a Vibrax, they usually use snagging hooks. They sit up high and whensomeone sees a fish it turns in to a run and gun snagging frenzy. Stand backbecause they will run you over and watch out for flying hooks. The run seems tocome later and later. I think they caught most of the fish in June last year. Kindof fun to stand back and watch.

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    They are using #5 Vibrax or 3/4oz Pixees. Walk around the harbor, sit on top the break water, and look for cruising kings. The kings are hatchery reared and released by the Sealife Center. They don't get much bigger than 20-25lbs. I actually think they taste a little funny, but they are still fun to catch.

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    Never caught one myself, or really tried for that matter, but did see a 8-10 year old kid hook a 10lb king in early july under the bait cleaning station... With a sabiki rig and trout rod. The line snapped after a brief fight (actually saw this fish come up into the shallows and hammer the sabiki) and we could see the kids bobber swimming steadily around the harbor for about 20 minutes until the hook was spit.

    Frankenfish, are the kings still showing up really late down there? Wondering if it would be worth trying to catch one in late May or if they aren't really around until June.

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