The department of fish & game has held 3 meeting to collect public comments regarding the drafting of a management plan in this area. This area has not had a management plan since it was designated a critical habitat area, and one is now being created.

This is the time to get your voices heard regarding how you think this area should be used, or limited. It is currently limited to vehicles under 1,000 lbs, but could be cut off to all motorized use if the motorized users dont speak up.

Here is a map, as well as some information about the area.

The comment period is still open, and the people in charge of gathering public comments will be at the AKAOHV meeting tomorrow night, 6 p.m. at the BP energy center. There will also be comment sheets available there to take home or distribute.

If you have any questions you can get a hold of me at 529-0079


V.P. Alaska Association of Off-Highway Vehicles