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    Anyone on here unicycle? If you do, recommend any good off road trails to ride? around anchorage?

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    I haven't done any unicycling myself, but know the trails around Anchorage pretty well. If you are looking for something to really test your balance, once the trails dry out in late May or the first part of June, the new singletrack trails out at Kincaid Park would be good. Lots of small rolly stuff with a lot of twisty trails (banked switchbacks all over the place). Awsome riding on a two-wheeled bike, but not sure how that equates to a unicycle.

    Any of the ski trail systems in Anchorage should be pretty good once they dry out if you want a wider trail that tends to have longer, more even terrain.

    If you know what kind of terrain you are looking for, let me know and I can probably point you to some trails that are best geared for that use.


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