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Thread: Pike fishing in the Fairbanks area

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    Default Pike fishing in the Fairbanks area

    I am new to the Fairbanks area and I want to know where to go fishing for pike. I would prefer to use a fly rod but im open to other options. i was hoping for some suggestions that would be within about an hours drive of Fairbanks.

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    Welcome to Fairbanks!

    Pike are tough to be had on the road system in the interior. Any slough off the Tanana river will hold a few and the Chena river has a small population(best targeted around FTWW).

    The best pike fishing you'll find, short of the Yukon river, would be the Minto flats. Contact Rick Gold here.. Fairly reasonable rates, lots of decent sized pike, 15-20 min flight...

    Since your new to the forum I cannot PM you but email me at for a couple other pointers.

    Good luck!
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